The most fun I ever had as a kid was going to the massive indoor boat show at the old Astro Hall. What kid didn’t love loading up the car to go play on someone else’s boat inside that enormous building next to the Astrodome?

The building was funky because no matter which door you came in from, you never came out the same way. Way too confusing with all those boats to look at. Loved the huge space where the sail boats hoisted their 40-foot and 70-foot masts up in the center of the hall. It was a dream come true.

All these years of covering the boat show at NRG Center and I finally got around to asking some of the boat show promoters if they really sold a lot of boats out there or was this a giant gimmick to get folks down to the showrooms in Clear Lake to buy boats. They told me they sell as many boats at that show in two weeks as they do all year. He told me, you wouldn’t want to have to move all these boats back down I 45 South, now would you? Just like a garage sale, he said, you want to sell as many boats as you can.

Makes sense. I also learned that the huge twice a year Buffalo Bayou Art Show sells approximately 70% of their art pieces the very first day.  Again, the artists don’t want to have to drag all that art back to their studio, so buyer beware.

Bargains are to be had at these big shows. Enjoy! 


Lanny Griffith is an REL graduate and media mogul. Contact him at 


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