I write in response to the letter of Jan. 16 regarding fact-checking of President Trump’s statements. I agree that we would not wish every utterance that comes out of our mouths to be scrutinized the way a President’s are. But there are significant ways that our statements are quite different from President Trump’s. 

When you or I create falsehoods, we have checks and balances in our lives to help keep us accountable. My wife, pastors, friends, colleagues, employer, bank, all hold me to account. President Trump recognizes no such agencies to which he is accountable. 

I might inadvertently stretch the truth, perhaps a time or two each day, maybe because I think something is true when it is not. Mr. Trump lies for personal aggrandizement, even when there is little reason to do so. 

If we were he, we could ask our deputies to check something out, and they would do it enthusiastically. This man with such power does no such thing.

When I fail to provide truthful responses, it may harm a few people, or no one but myself. It may defraud someone of something owed them, and this is no small thing, but when this man does it, millions are harmed, harm that echoes around the globe. Usually when I’m caught in a lie, either by intent or accident, I make a sincere apology and express remorse. What is Trump’s track record on such?

I am glad that someone is keeping account, as I rest assured God is.

Kim Martin


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Thank you, Kim. Well said.


Glad to see there's some self thinking and rational people in town. So many ignore the odvious to feel good about their themselves.


Harmed? Harmed? Please explain how you or anyone else has been harmed by what you claim are Trump lies? Seriously harmed? That assertion is unqualified. Personally, I think they all lie at the top, including those you possibly follow with bated breath. :) So why are you thinking Trump has a corner on it?


Bert, 16,214 lies in 3 years. It may be true that everyone lies, but Trump takes lying to an unheard of level. Would you feel comfortable sending your son off to a war justified only by Trump's words? When you can't trust your president to tell the truth, there is no greater harm than that. I bet when your kid did something bad, and when confronted, told you "everybody does it", you didn't let that excuse fly, did you? Your defense of Trump's lies is lame.


Hey N/L, who is doing the counting on the 16,214 Trump lies? It wouldn't be brain dead democrats who lost the election would it? Let's see, in (5) more years it could be up to 50,000. We are talking record territory here aren't we N/L?


Here is a rhetorical. Have you ever directed a question toward a certain individual and a couple of annoying people blurt out their opinion as if they forgot their meds? It is annoying to say the least, but this is just a rhetorical. I would venture to say that if some of these exchanges took place face to face, their would be a different outcome, namely they would be civil. Hiding behind a keyboard and saying condescending remarks just makes a person smaller, both mentally and physically.


Well Bert, you are probably right that a face-to-face discussion would be more civil. In general a more civil exchange would be better, but sometimes the lies and hypocrisy needs to be bluntly called out. Mostly I try to be civil and present fact-based and thoughtful arguments, but make exceptions for people like N/A, who wouldn’t know a fact if it came up and bit him on his rear, and never tires of seeing his ignorance made public in print.

Don’t pretend that you are innocent in the lack of civility. Here is a quote from one of your recent posts: “The self-serving Democratic party is in absolute terror knowing they have no viable candidate and no platform. They have one option: obstructionist politics. I find it amazing that they are behaving in a manner so transparently obvious that an uneducated mentally challenged blind person could see it. They lie, cheat, and send their rich kids off to the Ukraine to pedal influence and then scream collusion. It would be laughable except they have somehow managed to find people who actually believe their nonsense.” That quote won’t win any awards for either accuracy or civility.

We live in a dangerous time. Trump is a threat to our democracy IMO. (I highly recommend that you watch the recent PBS American Experience presentation on Joe McCarthy. The comparison to Trump is eerie.)

The least I can do is to challenge the false information posted by Trump sycophants. I prefer a factual, civil exchange, but if it requires bluntness, so be it. Actually, my preference would be to not post at all, and as soon as you Trump supporters cease to vent in the Sun, so will I.

Alan H

Bert, your last sentence describes Trump to a T. He sits on his duff all day and night on Twitter ranting, raving, insulting and blaming others for his problems.

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