Fourth-graders at Highlands Elementary School have penned several letters in support of bringing the Battleship Texas to Baytown. Here are some of those letters.


Did you know that the Battleship Texas was the only surviving ship that served in World War I and World War II? The Battleship Texas should be in Baytown because if you are on a trip you could see it and a family could stretch and take a look at it.              Sincerely, Angela

Mrs. Ternhune’s class


Did you know that they had good food on the Battleship Texas and we learned in school today that there were a lot of people who fought?

I think the Battleship Texas should be in Baytown because we don’t have to go far.        Sincerely, James

Mrs. Ternhune’s class


I would love to have the battleship moved to Baytown, Texas because it’s less expensive to move to Baytown and it can save money to fix the battleship. Kids from Baytown and tourist can go see the battleship and can learn about it. People from other states can also come see it and learn. Thank you for reading my letter, I hope you had a lovely day. 

Alexa P. 

Mrs. De Avila’s class 


I feel you should move the battleship to Baytown, Texas because it wouldn’t be expensive. Think about the further you move it the more money you spend. I would love to have the battleship in Baytown, Texas because everyone love’s Baytown and Baytown is famous. We have lots of schools and kids that haven’t seen the battleship and some that have seen the battleship that love the battleship.  Thank you for reading this note.                           Mia S. 

Mrs. De Avila’s class 


I think the USS Texas should be moved to Baytown because it’s a symbol of honor, responsibility and personal sacrifice. 

It’s a reminder of the brave soldiers who fought in WWI and WWII, so people who have not seen it can with their families. And when I have a family of my own, I want to bring them. 

A Fourth Grader

Mrs. Young’s class 


I think the USS Texas should be moved to Baytown because the students and parents could learn about it and the history of the USS Texas.

And in the first month the USS Texas comes to Baytown, it could be celebrated. 

I think the USS Texas should move back in Baytown. It’s a symbol of honor, responsibility, personal sacrifice and a memory for Baytown. Also, schools can take students on field trips there. 


A history-loving fourth-grader

Mrs. Young’s class 


Did you know that the Battleship Texas was in World War One and in World War Two? You know it would be sad to see it go. 

Did you know that is was the first ship that planes took off from? I think the Battleship Texas should come to Baytown because it is history.                        Sincerely, Cheyene


I feel you should move the battleship to Baytown Texas because you won’t spend to much money and the further you move the more, the more you will waste, a lot of money, and so we want all the schools to see the Battleship, to see all the things you made for the whole community, and we appreciate the things you made for the World War and helped the United States to win, and the Battleship was a good thing that you put the Battleship to honor the ones that died in the World War and we want our state to be recognized. 

Our state, thanks for building the Battleship and today we say that can you please bring the Battleship. When you travel to a lot of places you spend money and Baytown is the best place to put the Battleship. There is very good place for the Battleship. Also there are friendly people in Baytown. There’s a lot of clean water in Baytown. Everybody in the schools will like that, but one thing that you will like is all the houses in Baytown. The Battleship is an important thing for the people that are in the military. They fought for our state and people died in a lot of situations fighting for our state and we thank you. Please bring the Battleship to Baytown.



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