Impeaching a president is bad. Impeaching and removing a liar is good. Trump lies about everything and should be removed from office just for continuously lying to America. But the articles of impeachment don’t mention the 16,000 lies Trump told, although abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are linked to Trump’s copious falsehoods.

We all agree Trump’s lies are loathsome. He lied about testifying in the Mueller investigation and then lied about the final report. He had many of his staff and supporters lie about it, too. Trump lied about testifying for his impeachment inquiry and has lied repeatedly about the overwhelming evidence exposing his corruption. His staff, Fox News and supporters repeat Trump’s lies without consequence, hoping naive Republicans will believe them.

Some of Trump’s other lies are releasing his tax returns, Mexico will pay for the border wall, and he didn’t know Stormy Daniels and knew nothing about paying her off to keep quiet. (Trump says he doesn’t know Lev Parnas either.)

Trump’s former attorney and other high officials were jailed for lying. Why isn’t their boss liar behind bars?

Trump lied about the tax cuts that have yet to benefit the middle class while billionaires, (like himself), saw millions to billions in tax savings.

Trump repeatedly lies about how well the economy is doing. Get real. Republicans are deficit spending at record rates. If the economy is breaking records, why aren’t federal coffers overflowing with record tax and tariff surpluses? Why is Trump allowed to deficit spend our country into bankruptcy just like he bankrupted his casinos, universities, airline and steak businesses?

We all know the truth about Trump will trickle out despite his lies and cover-ups.  

If the Senate fails to remove Trump now, the truth will damn Republicans later. Trump supporters must realize this; when you enable Trump’s lies, you become the liar.

Alan Hudgins


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Hey al, keep going you're on a roll.....


Because I believe in the basic goodness of the human character, I predict that the main issue in the next election will be which candidate can be best trusted to tell the truth. If so, the choice will be easy.

Alan H

UPDATE: Looks like Trump lied about knowing Lev Parnas, according to a 2018 video just released. Also, Trump lied about military injuries in Iraq after a revenge missile attack from Iran. The ever-changing lies went from no injuries to 11 injuries and now 36. Trump's appalling response to the traumatic brain injuries, "They have headaches, nothing serious.". Lies, lies, lies from President Draft Dodger.


Hey al it's possible that's the initial report given to the President about injuries didn't include the possible concussions. Ever thought about that? Probably not I'm guessing with your blind hatred. I do believe your getting up in age and all this stress is starting to make you sound silly.


So who’s more at fault here N/A, Alan for assuming (probably correctly) that the man who has already told us 16,241 lies told another one, or Trump for providing the public with incomplete, if not false, information? N/A, do you think Trump will apologize for not getting it right? Do you think Trump will even acknowledge the actual injuries? Come on, N/A, what do you think?

Trump is like the little boy who cried wolf too often. He lies so much that the natural inclination is to assume that anything he says is a lie.


Hey N/L I'd say al for assuming. You know the saying for assuming don't you frankie (aka N/L)? President Trump is a big boy envied by the world except for a few brain dead people.

Alan H

Mr N/A Martin, I don't hate Trump, just his lying, manipulation, deceit, racism, white supremacy, ignorance, conspiracy theories, narcissism and lies, did I mention lies? We are as old as our ideas and I'd say you, N/A must be an antique. Most world leaders think Trump is a joke who's easily played by stroking his fragile ego. Even dictator Putin laughs at how much of an idiot Trump is.

Alan H

Update 2-Mr N/A Martin, the number of injured soldiers is now up to 50. Trump makes no attempt to inform America of this and shows zero concern for those who are suffering. What kind of animal is Trump anyway? One day he kills an enemy and the next day attends a pro-life rally telling all the gullible people how precious an unborn life is. Lies, lies, lies.

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