The Saudi mask changes. The bone saw remains sharp and bloody. I heard that Saudi Arabia has appointed a female ambassador to US, a princess! Save the optics. Nothing substantive has changed in Saudi Arabia. 

The Saudi engine of repression continues to run at full speed. You might say how about Iran? Well, it’s not the Iranians using starvation and disease as weapons of war in Yemen, which is not just a war crime, but a crime against humanity.

And it’s not the Iranians bombing schools and hospitals in Yemen using military hardware supplied by USA.

It’s not Iran who ordered the butchering of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

And lately, it wasn’t an Iranian taxi driver who beheaded a 6-year-old boy named Zakaria Al-Jaber with shards of glass on the streets of Medina! Haven’t heard of? Search for yourself!

I view the new appointment as a “window dressing” or a “new perfume” or a “new lipstick” for the MBS! Meanwhile, feminist women activists in Saudi Arabia, who were pushing for the radical notion that women in Saudi Arabia should be able to drive a car, are still being held in prison and are very likely subject to torture. 

For wanting to drive a car. 

I believe, it’s an insult to decent people everywhere, but especially Americans, that a country thinks it can hunt down and savagely murder a journalist and commit all kinds of brutalities wherever it wants and all it will take to “rehabilitate” its reputation is appointing an “attractive” woman who spent a portion of her life enjoying the safe freedoms other nations offer, as ambassador to the US. 

Craven and despicable.

Jeremy Watte


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