It is without shame for The Baytown Sun to continuously run political cartoons dehumanizing President Trump. It doesn’t appear to matter about honesty and integrity the message conveys as long as it’s a snub to the president. 

The holding cages were from the Obama administration and the previous pictures of illegals sleeping cover by aluminum covered blankets were from 2014. It doesn’t seem to bother far-left zealots the deportations of illegals were far more numerous under Obama. It was OK then and now the present President is a terrible racist and inhumane. New dictionaries should be printed to define hypocrite as being simply “Democrat.”

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu


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Alan H

President Tripe has established himself as the most overtly racist, white supremacist President ever produced by cult conservative Republicans. Since Trump is head of the snake, maybe the Republican Party should be renamed as the Reptile Party. And Mr Martin, if you ever get your facts straight, I promise not to call ICE and have you deported back to the distant planet you came from.

Alan H

So let's talk about racist hypocrites. Trump's reptile Republicans hate immigrants and ethnic Dems who criticize him, demanding they go back to their own countries. Melania Tripe, an immigrant, must be deported to Slovevia. Senate Speaker McConnell's wife, an immigrant, must be deported to Taiwan. Gov Abbott's wife, great granddaughter of Mexican immigrants has to go back across the border. I'll bet if you look up the word racist hypocrite, you'd find pictures of Donald Tripe, Mitch McCONnell, and Greg AbBUTT.


Thank you Raymond. The Liberal Party has become the Intolerant Party. They are never happy unless everyone is eating from the government's table. Keep sending in your exposure of their gross hypocrisy.

Alan H

The racist conservative Reptile Republican Party has got to go. You'll never hear Dems chanting, "Send her back.". I believe if you check the definition of liberal, you won't find intolerant as one of its synonyms, baytownblart. Wonder how baytownblart would react if someone told his "bride" to go back to the sh##hole country she came from?

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