As you have heard me say before, the work of the Lee College Foundation is nothing short of amazing.  If the Foundation had a motto, it would be “Making Dreams Come True.”  Foundation dollars help students pay their tuition and fees, purchase textbooks, and buy required classroom and lab equipment and materials.  

The Foundation support is open to all students, regardless of age, where they live or where they are in completing their programs of study.  Funds support high school students enrolled in college courses (dual enrollment) as well as adult students coming to Lee College. Students do not need to live within Lee College’s taxing district (Baytown and Highlands) to receive Foundation support. 

Lee College awards 491 endowed scholarships. Thirty-one of those scholarships are designated for Goose Creek School District students.  The others can go to students of any age within the College’s state designated service area. This includes the 16 school systems/communities the College serves outside of Baytown and Highlands.

This is also true of incarcerated students enrolled in Lee College classes at the Huntsville Center.  Donors generally do not designate who can receive the funds. They realize that all students served by Lee College should be eligible for assistance.

I hope you will consider donating to the Lee College Foundation. In so doing, you will change someone’s life forever.

A new financial support program started at Lee College this fall is called LEAP (Lee Emergency Assistance Program). The slogan for the program is “We will help you find your way.”  

The purpose of this program is to assist students experiencing unforeseen emergencies that hinder their continued pursuit of their academic studies. Such emergencies can include the need for food, health/hygiene items, utilities, school supplies, transportation, housing, counseling services and child care.  Students may receive up to $250 per year.  

LEAP also helps students find community services that can assist them. Funds to support this program depend on donations.  

It may be surprising, but for some students these basic necessities that many of us take for granted can, if not met, can cause them to end their dream of receiving a college education.  

If you would like to contribute to the LEAP fund, please call 832.556.5327, or email Your generosity will be rewarded when the student walks across the stage at Commencement and raises their degree or certificate in the air while flashing the most amazing smile.

You can make that happen!


Dr. Dennis Brown is president of Lee College.

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