Here are a few questions for gun rights advocates. Would you be willing to give up your assault rifle and large capacity magazines if doing so would save innocent lives? Any reasonable person knows that ridding our country of assault rifles and high capacity magazines would save lives, so the obvious conclusion is that some of us think the right to own an AK-7 is more important than saving the lives of innocent people.

Why do you need an assault rifle? Certainly not for hunting unless you are a really bad shot. My hunting experience is that you have just one shot at your target before it bolts. AK-7s are made for killing people, not for hunting.

Would you support universal background checks and red flag laws to prevent guns from being possessed by dangerous people?

Do you really need an assault rifle for self-protection? Maybe if you are a drug dealer. Otherwise the best weapon for home defense is clearly a shotgun.

I suppose some assault rifle owners enjoy the feeling that goes along with firing off a gadzillion rounds at a firing range. That is certainly a harmless activity, but is having fun at the gun range more important than protecting the lives of innocent people?

I recognize that some delusional far-right militants actually think they might need assault weapons to defend their homes from a government onslaught. Never mind that our armed forces could put a missile down their chimney from miles away. People who think like that are unreachable with logic.

A buy-back program has worked in New Zealand and Australia, why not here? Nobody is talking about your hunting rifle, your shotgun, or your pistol. There is no slippery slope here.

Despite polls that show nearly 70 percent of all citizens support an assault weapons ban, I have no doubt that a president and Republican Senate bought and paid for by the NRA will complain about politicizing a tragedy and once again do nothing. Our president will blame video games instead of his own constant hate mongering. Good Christians will be content to pray for the victims, convincing themselves that they have actually accomplished something. Next week there will be more mass murders. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Frank Butcher



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Alan H

We live in America. No more massacres of school kids, policeman, Mexicans, Jews, Blacks or Gays.


I talked to a Russian citizen who had a Visa to drive an 18-wheeler here. Knowing citizens in Russia are forbidden to own firearms, I asked him about murder there. His exact words were, "In Russia, when we want to kill someone, we use a hammer."




You can't kill nearly as many people with a hammer as with an AR-15.

Alan H

Is baytownblert's point supposed to be if the US banned all guns like Russia has done, then American white supremacists would instead use hammers to murder Mexicans?

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