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David Bloom, your editorial when you write “ To us, the facts” indicates that this is just your biased leftist opinion because you have everything wrong. 

To begin with, Trump had no fear of Joe Biden as an opposing candidate because he is a weak candidate, so he had nothing to gain by pushing for an investigation of Biden and his son. 

Again, as I have stated before, everything that the Democrats have accused Trump of doing is what they are guilty of doing. So where was the coverage of all their wrongdoings?  Haven’t seen a word in The Baytown Sun about conflict of interest between Vice President Joe Biden when he was in charge of Ukrainian affairs and Hunter Biden getting a position with the Ukrainian gas and oil company. Didn’t ever see any coverage of Hillary destroying computer and cell phones that were suppose to be turned over as evidence to the Justice Department. Try to be a journalist not a hate monger.

Rosetta Farrar


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Kudos to David Bloom for caring about the truth.

Rosetta, Joe Biden, then and now, is the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination. In virtually every poll that asks voters whether they prefer Biden or Trump, Biden comes out on top by double figures. So yes, Trump does fear a Biden candidacy.

The impeachment is about Trump’s actions, not the Democrats, not Obama, not Clinton. Focus, Rosetta. The question for you to answer is simple. Is it OK for a president to use taxpayer money to coerce a foreign government to interfere in the 2020 election to benefit the political interests of Donald Trump? That is the question you should ask yourself. Everything else is irrelevant and a distraction from the real issue.


Hey frankie, read the transcript. Biden and Obama are the only owners of any Pro Quid Quo. You better recheck the polls, Trump is leading all candidates in the swing states...


N/A, one of these days you are actually post something that makes sense. I read the transcript of Trump’s phone call. Did you? I listened to the testimonies of 17 witnesses at the impeachment hearing. Did you? However, I did not hear any testimony from Trump or any of his staff because Trump prevented them from testifying. I bet that omission does not bother you a bit.

Answer this question, N/A, YES or NO, without deflecting to some irrelevant observation. Is it OK for a president to use taxpayer money to coerce a foreign government to interfere in our 2020 election to the personal political benefit of the president? Come on, N/A, YES or NO?

As for Trump vs. Biden polling data, here’s some of the latest:

Emerson: Biden +4

USA Today/Suffolk: Trump +3

IBD/TIPP: Biden +5

Fox News: Biden +7

Quinnipiac: Biden +9

SurveyUSA: Biden +13

Biden’s lead was much bigger at the time of Trump’s phone call, so my point to Rosetta stands…Trump had every reason to fear Biden.


Ms Farrar, I support your 1st Amendment right and agree with you. Thank you for your accurate depiction of the “Big Lie” the Democrats and their rabid fans borrowed from Adolf Hitler. Liberal Socialist/Leftist/Communistic zealots have attempted to force this falsely based charge into the blank heads of their constituents and I see it is working. Joe Biden, then and now, is just one of 15 candidates scrambling for the Democratic nomination. They share a common goal and platform, which has yet to be coalesced after 3 years. In virtually every poll on CNN, Politico, MSNBC, and Huffington Post that asks voters whether they prefer Biden or Trump, Biden comes out on top by double figures. It is the same math they used at the monkey hearing where Nadler, Schummer, Schiff and every Democratic Senator or Rep used to reinforce this big lie. Bad math by all accounts with no mention of real crimes and felonies committed by Joe, Hunter, and Hillary.

So yes, as you inferred, Trump does not fear a Biden candidacy, or any of the remaining 14. No platform, no real candidate, just more Obama. No thanks.

The impeachment is not about Trump’s legal right actions. It is about Trump dismantling all the laws and actions Obama pushed down America's throat and Trump one by one undoing the 8 years of damage done by the last president. The question for you to answer is simple. Why would any voter want to return to Obama's policies via Joe Biden? Everything else is irrelevant and a distraction from the real issue.


Bert, you are losing it. Big lie Democrats??? What about Trump's 14,000 lies so far? Are you sweeping those under the rug.

Hitler, socialists, communists, leftists, zealots. Wow. Are you sure your last name isn't McCarthy?

You say “Trump’s legal(ly) right actions. Why don’t you answer my question? YES or NO, without deflecting to some irrelevant observation. Is it OK for a president to use taxpayer money to coerce a foreign government to interfere in our 2020 election to the personal political benefit of the president? Come on, Bert, YES or NO?

Trump is right about one thing. He could shoot someone in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support. My impression is that Bert and N/A would help bury the body.


They won't answer your question Frank because to do so they have to be present, open to facts and place country above party. As the Christianity Today publication, founded by Rev. Billy Graham stated, Donald Trump's character is "grossly immoral" writing that he should be impeached and removed from office. They are correct! Whether or not it happens is another story because we have people willing to sell their souls to the devil. Sad, but true as evidenced by this string.


Thanks, LCL. Your observations are on target. The editorial from Christianity Today is a godsend - literally IMO. I hope that it causes evangelicals to rethink their support of Trump. Unfortunately, many of the pro-Trump posters are so committed to Trump and their personal prejudices that they are walled off from truth. As stated in the editorial, if they are Christians they should "consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump's immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency."


Hey LCL you might want to pay attention to what Billy Graham's son responded with. There were some souls sold but it was all House Democrats....


So, N/A, you choose to defend immorality. You and Franklin Graham. Says a lot about both of you.


Frank, you are very welcome. "Psychoanalysis explains how authoritarians energize hatred, self-pity and delusion while promising heaven on Earth. His followers believe that he can work miracles and transform their lives. They idolize him substituting their “ego ideal”. The ego ideal is a mental representation of their guiding values. It consists of beliefs about right and wrong, what is obligatory and what is impermissible. It is the human moral compass: essentially the same as one’s conscience. In taking the place of their ego ideal, the authoritarian leader becomes the conscience of his followers, and his voice becomes the voice of their conscience. Whatever the leader wills is as he says. It is by definition, good and right. The followers identify with one another as parts of a ‘movement’, and they experience themselves as merging into a united whole. This intoxicating sense of unity, and the subordination of personal self-interest to a greater cause, is a very important component of authoritarian systems. It is found in a great deal of authoritarian rhetoric." The rhetoric becomes the bible. Participating in authoritarian systems has unmistakably religious overtones. Sound familiar, Frank? It involves surrendering oneself to a higher power and relinquishing individual ego boundaries, for the sake of purity. It evokes eternal life, rebirth and redemption. I believe that is what we are seeing, feeling and hearing in our country. Who would have ever thought this would happen in America? Large groups of US citizens incapable of thinking for themselves, abandoning their own conscience and losing their moral compass. Certainly, not me.


Wow. LCL, your insights are remarkable and eloquently stated. I just read your post to my wife and we both agree that you should submit that post to the Sun as a letter to the editor so that a bigger audience can read it. I hope you agree.


You and your wife are very kind-hearted. I agree with you on many things, Frank. I will think about your recommendation. Like many, I seek to make sense of this madness. The only way I can do so is through research and facts. Ironic as that is in present time.


LCL, I shared your post with a friend who is an astute observer and somewhat of a deep thinker, and you might be interested in his response:

"I think he (LCL) is spot-on regarding the followers of Trump regarding themselves as a "movement," what I would refer to as a "cult." Trump has become the subliminal conscientiousness of his worshipers, as when born-again Christians might say, "Jesus came into my heart." It is characteristic of organizations such as Scientology, where the church becomes the reservoir that defines good and evil and usurps the mind of the acolyte. It is a manifestation of George Orwell's "group think" in his novel 1984. The group has become a symbiotic thinks, it feels, it responds in unison - i.e., "Trump think." Trump has become the avatar that defines their identity, their "ego ideal." Even if they are not religious, they find solace in the idea that Trump is channeling "divine influence" of some wacky sort that you and I would never comprehend. In other words, their minds have been commandeered by an imaginary apparition."


Clearly, your friend is quite the deep thinker. I agree with his assessment. If nothing else, recognizing the basis of the attraction to the delusions of Donald Trump can help many of us frame the exasperating reality we are constantly faced with. I think the best we can do is to aim our dialogue at the new voter, and the swing voter who are not yet programmed into the ugly abyss. In other words, help to educate those with open minds unafraid of challenging the “group think”.

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