It is hard to listen to anyone expounding on the faults of President Trump while lauding what a great leader Obama was. It is true that President Trump is a businessman and speaks more directly than other presidents have. Yes, he sometimes puts his foot in his mouth, but look at the results of each man.

In former president Obama we see a nonconfrontational man who surrounded himself with an administration that swayed and hid many mistakes and incidents of corruption. Fast and furious, IRS, illegally targeting his opponents, Benghazi, illegal FISA warrants, collusion with the mainstream media, FBI and DOJ, open borders, sanctuary cities, gun control and much more. This is a man who drew a line in the sand in Syria and then, by his weakness, allowed ISIS to overrun the Middle East, coddled North Korea, and made the worst, most embarrassing deal with Iran ever, while Iran captured and abused our sailors and chanted “death to America” in their streets. He did more to cause racial unrest in our country than anyone since the Klan. He was the food stamp and the welfare president instead of the jobs president.

On the other hand, President Trump has improved the lot for average Americans. There are higher wages, lower unemployment, higher GNP, and increased investment within the U.S. Tax cuts have and will continue to bring billions back to the US. The Supreme Court will now more accurately follow the constitution. Blacks, Latinos, women and almost everyone else have the lowest unemployment in 17 years, and wages are increasing. Does anyone think that President Obama could have brought North Korea to the table, renegotiated more favorable trade agreements, or made Europe pay their fair share  of NATO? Obama down played and ignored ISIS while Trump has them on the rocks. And he did all of this with an over 90 percent negative coverage by the mainstream media.

Margaret Thatcher said, “socialism works fine until you run out of other people’s money” and we eventually will. People vote their pocketbooks, and overall are seeing their lives improve. Just as during the presidential election, the mainstream media is predicting a Democratic landslide but November election may not be what they expect.

Barry Bobbitt


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Excellent Mr. Bobbitt. The left in this country have so much hatred they can't see the forest for the trees. Anybody with a brain can see the improvement in this country with President Trump at the helm...


Mr Bobbit and Mr Martin must be living under a rock while watching fake Fox news and reading conspiracy theories about President Obama. If they support AMORAL slug Trump they too must be amoral. Obama pulled us out of the worst economic depression caused by the previous Republican policies of George Duhhbuhhyou Bush. Trump's staff has to run behind him, and hide documents from him to stop him from destroying America...and you support this baboon? Any president who calls the free press"the enemy of the people" should immediately be impeached for treason. Yet cult Republicans did nothing.

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