An old idiom says “those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” I bring this up because our resident Trump basher, Mr. Alan Hudgins, goes through his repertoire of disgusting, outlandish and foolish accusations for Trump in his childish rant on Thursday.

Every accusation or disgusting charge Hudgins levies against Trump could have been readily used against many past presidents. Two of the worst offenders could be Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. If you don’t know enough about these two to see the likeness, then you should be quite about Donald Trump. I’m not defending Trump, but pointing out the bad behavior of past politicians. Politicians that I don’t recall you calling out for their mistakes, indiscretions, lies and failures to improve the country.

You need to lighten up Mr. Hudgins because your rants are close to hate speech.                         

James Connealy


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Because his actions are indefensible, desperate Trump supporters resort to attacking past presidents. How lame. When are you guys going to get over Obama and Hillary? Fact real facts. Ones that deal with our current president, who is now lying at a rate of 9 lies per day. You don't want your children/grandchildren to have the same moral character as Trump, yet you support him. That makes no sense. Supporting Trump as president is akin to hiring a refinery technician to do your quadruple bypass. Every day we see new revelations by insiders testifying to his incompetence and dangerous behavior. Trump's retort is to attack reputable journalists like Bob Woodward and tell his red hats that they should not "believe anything they see or hear", but believe only what he tells them. Wow. When will you guys wake up? At Trump's most recent pep rally, 2/3 of his comments were untrue. Are you so vested in your support of Trump that you cannot back off for fear of looking weak and losing friends in your echo chamber?

Frank Butcher


Mr Connealy you've got to be delusional, as are most Trumpee supporters. Mr Hudgins stated the truth which only a Trumpee could twist into hate because that's what you believe in...hate. Bill Clinton was skewered by Republicans because he lied about the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Yet Mr Trump's lies about the Stormy Daniels cover up go unpunished by cult Republicans. How can you say one good thing about a crazy president who believes the free press is the enemy of the people. Trump should have been kicked to planet Mars for that divisive lie.

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