Fact checkers are a mixed blessing with a dose of opinion often thrown in. Almost any statement someone makes can be construed or skewed to be inaccurate. If an actual number is cited, chances are some fact checker will find something wrong with it. There is no safe space. It is accurate or they are deliberately lying and that is how it is often presented.

Last night I listened to President Trump and often he left the safety of the teleprompter to hand out juicy information. This is why people love the guy ... or hate his guts and claim he has now told 54,000 lies since he took office. God forbid someone followed me around and checked every fact I divulge. I love to talk and am a teacher by nature. Is everything I say absolutely correct? Not even close, because I speak from memory and frankly I am often inaccurate on the exact thing I explain. Never mind my intent.

The fact checkers very often attack people in politics or very rich people in the news because they have an agenda to discredit them. Taking that into consideration, what if someone followed you around with this intent. You would stop talking, guaranteed. I know I would. So understand the fact checked material may be skewing the very information they claim to uphold.

Bert Marshall


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Correct Bert, I think I might know who your talking about.....


I bet Bert was happy when the fact checkers were evaluating Obama’s comments.

It seems to me that if a person goes into politics (especially presidential politics), he should understand that his every public comment is going to be scrutinized for truthfulness. If you don’t want that scrutiny, don’t go into politics. If you choose politics, you should stick to the truth when you speak.

Face it. Trump is a congenital liar. Bert tries hard, but you cannot find an excuse for 15,000 lies in 3 years. Maybe 10 lies, maybe even 100 lies, but not 15,000.

Bert’s attempt to excuse the incessant lying shows how far Republicans have sunk in their attempt to justify support for Trump. It would be much more honest if Bert and N/A would just say “Yes, Trump is a liar, but he is MY liar and I will support him no matter what he does.”

Alan H

Bert, facts are facts, opinions are opinions. If a certain fact-checker working for Fox Fake News uses slanted opinion to express the "facts", that is called lying. Or when facts + evidence don't align, that's called lying. If you think facts can be opinion, then you, Bert must be a liar just your favorite liar Trump.


Hey al, did Rachel Madcow tell you Fox News was fake? Fox and AON are the only sane truthful news on TV period. Change the channel al and get the real news....


Well N/A, that may save you from actually having to think for yourself, but I prefer truth backed up by facts.


Come on, N/A. Be honest. Just say it. “Yes, Trump is a liar, but he is MY liar and I will support him no matter what he does.”

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