Well, if there was ever a question of where The Baytown Sun stands on abortion, they made it clear on the cartoon published June 5. 

The political cartoon depicting conservative lawmakers as the American Taliban is about as vicious as it comes. It compares the conservative stance on wholesale abortion as being as backward as Islamic restrictive women’s laws. 

I think the creator of this “satiric” cartoon missed the point that the majority of voters are not for the wholesale slaughter of unborn children because a female decides to “get rid of the kid” for convenience sake. That is pretty much the objection for most of us backward folk who aren’t hip to the 21st century. 

We understand saving the mom over the child as a decision that is made under duress and possibly other exceptions, but just killing a developing child because it was inconvenient to use birth control will never get my vote. I think this cartoon is very offensive, derisive, and helps spread confusion. Is that the message being sent?

Bert Marshall



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