President Trump just signed a new China Trade Deal in addition to the Mexico and Canada trade package. This was accomplished while being impeached by the do-nothing Democrats. 

Can you imagine how good things would be if they (Democrats) actually cared about its citizens and went about doing the peoples’ work instead of trying to get even from losing the last presidential election?

President Trump making “America Great Again” in spite of Democratic hatred and obstruction. All you can say is great job President Trump and just imagine the progress in the next five years. I’m certainly not tired of winning are you? Maybe The Baytown Sun could run a poll asking the subscribers if they plan on voting for President Trump in 2020.

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu


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Maybe the Sun should run a poll to determine how many people would like to see N/A stop writing stupid letters defending our criminal president.


Hey frankie (aka N/L) maybe you should stop writing long boring stupid letters defending brain dead democrats trying to undo a duly elected President by the American people who I might add are about to reelect him....


N/A, are you referring to the president who lost the 2016 popular vote by 3 million votes? Perhaps you mean the president who got help from the Russians in the last election? Maybe you’re talking about the president who violated the law and all ethical standards trying to get a foreign government to dig up bogus dirt on Joe Biden? Bottom line - you don’t care. Lying and lack of ethical standards mean nothing to you. You are no better than Trump.


Hey N/L, I take that as a compliment. I guess you missed the part about Trump and no collusion with Russia. The collusion is with the DNC and Hillary. You remember her don't you, the smartest woman in the world who lost the electoral college vote which elects the president set up by the founding fathers. I thought you were a teacher frankie (aka N/L), surely you taught that part to your students!!!


Come on N/A. Are you saying that the Russians did not interfere in the 2016 election to the benefit of Trump? I’ll wait for your answer.


Hey N/L, I do believe the Mueller report cleared that up. Stop beating a dead horse, even the brain dead Washington Democrats have moved on from that ridiculous point....


The Mueller Report and the ALL of our intelligence services concluded that the Russians did interfere in the 2016 election. So once again, I ask the question....Do YOU concede that in fact the Russians did interfere in the 2016 election to the benefit of Donald Trump?


The self-serving Democratic party is in absolute terror knowing they have no viable candidate and no platform. They have one option: obstructionist politics. I find it amazing that they are behaving in a manner so transparently obvious that an uneducated mentally challenged blind person could see it. They lie, cheat, and send their rich kids off to the Ukraine to pedal influence and then scream collusion. It would be laughable except they have somehow managed to find people who actually believe their nonsense. Oh well, I am enjoying the strongest America I have experienced and look forward to the next 5 years of the Trump train. God bless America! It is great to be great again after Obama sold our country out.


Bert, I believe I detect hysteria in your comments. Could it be that you are frantically worried that Trump is being revealed (to objective voters) as a cheat, a liar, and mentally unhinged? Don’t worry about it. There are enough senators who, like you and N/A, have sold their soul to the devil and will protect your leader from any semblance of justice.

I predict this next election will be about lying more than any other issue, and with 16,214 lies in 3 years, Trump has cornered that market.

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