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• Cheers to Houston Cosplay for Charity for locking down some local goodwill. The group responded to a Facebook post and delivered a new bike to Jordan Perez, whose previous bike was stolen. About 15 different cosplay characters delivered the bike, providing a memorable experience for the Baytown boy.

• Cheers to the Baytown Art League and its efforts to bring an appreciation for the finer things. This month, the Art League is observing Hot Tea Month with a number of activities that include a tea-blending workshop. Shogun fans can also learn about the lauded Japanese Tea Ceremony. Should make for an interesting and memorable month for all participants.

• Cheers to the excavation work taking place in Anahuac for the installation of two statues. Anahuac played an important role in the history of Texas and it is a worthwhile endeavor to preserve the history for future generations in addition to building community pride. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

• Cheers to Baytown Sun lifestyle columnist Justa Layne Garrett. Garrett announced Sunday the New Year will come with an addition to her family. I had the opportunity to meet Garrett the other day at Sterling Municipal Library. She is as kind and congenial as she comes across in her columns and we wish her congratulations.


• Jeers to the present situation United Healthcare patients find themselves as the insurance company has failed to come to an agreement with Houston Methodist Hospital System. The Baytown Chamber of Commerce reports 3,000 local customers are tied to the Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital. In short, 3,000 customers with less peace of mind than last month. While everyone can respect the financial aspect of the situation, at this point, the real losers are the patients who depend on Methodist services.


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