This is a letter meant for the Hatfields and McCoys.

I like to read Letters to the Editor. I’ve even been known to read them in magazines I pick up at the doctor’s office. Sometimes, I come away from reading a letter with a different perspective on the original article or letter that was submitted. Sometimes, I leave with a chuckle or two.

However, there are many letters published in The Baytown Sun that make me believe the writers are wasting the time of Sun subscribers and space on the page with vitriolic personal arguments based on conservative/liberal points of view. These acrimonious letters often devolve into spates of name calling or even derisive comments about another person’s religious beliefs. 

Often, I am reminded of playground spats between little children.

I suppose a newspaper has some kind of obligation to print any letter sent in, but personally I wish the writers would simply meet at a local McDonald’s for coffee and discuss their views privately. Maybe, you could exchange emails. Yes, I can choose not to read their public feuds and often I do when I glance at the name at the end of the letter. You can say that is my right (or privilege) any time I pick up The Baytown Sun — to choose what to read or not read. I just hope that in the future they would make their arguments more private and less public and spare the rest of us the hateful letters they direct toward each other.

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Mr. Francis, you certainly have a valid point, and while I recognize that I contribute seriously to the problem, I would point out that all of my letters are responses to letters praising Trump and conveying what I consider to be bad ideas. I have not initiated any of the arguments, but have definitely intensified them.

But I am all for a truce. Actually I am tired of all this arguing in the paper, and would happily put down my poison pen.

How about it BaytownBert, William Carlisle, Raymond Martin, ?


Hey Frankie, not all your letters are in response to anything. Over half your letters start the arguments. Quit running down our President with your vitriol and I'll certainly lighten up....


As usual Martie, you have your facts wrong. You have appointed yourself Donald Trump’s chief cheerleader, and virtually all of my letters are written to correct the lies that you propagate.

Although you are the worst instigator by far, occasionally some of your associates will start the argument with a letter, I respond, and you just chime in. I would be perfectly happy if there was never a political or religious opinion printed in Letters to the Sun.

I am willing to make you this deal. If you do not submit letters to the Sun trying to convince readers that Trump’s excrement smells like roses, then I will quit writing letters with a contrary opinion.

My prediction. You are so proud of your Trumpiness, that you will be unable to resist writing the Sun. I hope I am wrong, because I have a ton of better things to do.


Seeing Mr. Butcher has decided I'm guilty of acting like a 7th grader, I offer no response. I am not involved in these childish banterings between youse boys..

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