We have witnessed the destruction of many historical statues, and it is obvious they don’t know history, right? I believe this is true for many, because they’ve taken down statues of great Americans who were proven Black Lives Matter supporters, even though that movement is fairly recent.

I contend they not only don’t know, but don’t want to know. The ignorant violent and destructive white zealots don’t want to get rid of history. They don’t know and don’t care to learn. These self-serving whites falsely claim to represent black people needs, cares, and yes - wants.

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Alan H

Bert, your ideas teeter on insanity and definitely lunacy or delusion. You've been predicting anarchy since Dec 2014. Back then it was Obama's decisions on gun control. Then in Jan 2015 you predicted more anarchy when demonstrators marched over police brutality. When I search the BSun website for anarchy, there is your picture with all your wacko claims. Now it's anarchists who want to change our government over to socialism. Every year anarchy, anarchy, fear, terrorism and anarchy. Could you be a cult conservative conspiracy theory Trump Republican who believes the corona virus is a political hoax? You are obsessed with anarchy but your unhinged years of anarchy rants only make you appear confused and senile. Aren't you just slightly concerned that your dire warnings of anarchy have no connection to reality and never come true?


Bert - Thank you for speaking the truth! We are proud to have you as a Baytonian!

Alan H

BayTx, (super original name by the way) if Blert is speaking the "truth" about anarchy for over 5 years and there has been no anarchy since way back in the civil war days, doesn't that obviously prove Blert is intentionally spreading false information, and/or suffers from illusions of slanted reality and/or is just losing his marbles? Lies and fear-mongering are nothing to be proud of.

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