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• Cheers to the Service League of Baytown for its longtime work in vision and hearing screenings for school children. The League has performed this important work for over 70 years and conducted 18,000 screenings. It has resulted in savings of $180,000. Gabrielle Cockrell, a Service League member, said it might be one of the community’s best-kept secrets. It is time the League receives credit for years of service.

• Cheers to the Baytown Municipal Development District for its commitment to develop the Baytown Arts District. A new facility that will hose a restaurant along with a plaza is another step toward making Texas Avenue a destination. City Manager Rick Davis was on point when he said MDD had to take the initiative. Baytown is fortunate to have leadership in place to move forward in the Arts District.

• Cheers to Pirates Bay for the impending addition of an obstacle course. The NinjaCross course will be the first built in the nation. The water park is coming off a strong season and continues to provide quality entertainment.

• Cheers to Community Toyota-Honda-Kia for its donation of $10,000 to Baytown VFW Post 912 to complete repairs for damage suffered in Hurricane Harvey. The post has worked hard to restore its facilities and through the help of the community, was able to achieve its goal.


• Jeers to Sharpie-gate. Someone please tell President Donald Trump that his Dorian/Sharpie fiasco has gone on long enough. 

Trump has doubled and tripled down on his ridiculous and dangerous fabrication that the people of Alabama were in harm’s way when Hurricane Dorian was heading toward the United States.  The kicker was when he held a press briefing and used a Sharpie to include Alabama in the hurricane’s track. (A little stunt that was illegal to boot.) 

Trump’s temper tantrum over being wrong got to the point that NOAA officials put out a inaccurate statement defending him and taking the NWS office to task for denying Trump’s original mistake. Now that purely political response to justify Trump’s mistake, along with threats of firings from the Commerce Secretary if not carried out, are now being investigated.

Sharpie-gate is simply politically motivated obfuscation to justify a serious mistake made by Trump. The president should admit his mistake and move on.      – db


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