Just wrapping up a lengthy holiday season where we traveled, we drove, we shopped, and enjoyed seeing friends and family in spite of the tv news telling us how horrible this time of year is for traveling, driving, shopping, etc.  

I have to laugh every year from November through New Year’s. TV news must have a copy and paste run down of redundant “ holiday horror” stories. It never fails.  According to the networks no one in their right mind should ever consider flying during the holidays.  They are literally predicting how many millions of us will never reach our destination if we fly across the country. 

The alternative of driving is completely wiped out by either the high price of gas, or the snow and floods showing tons of videos of multi pile up crashes all across the country, so driving is out.

If you are shopping, you are being scammed, your credit cards are being swiped, and or your package will never arrive because porch pirates are stealing your stuff right and left.  I got news for ya. Gas prices, weather, and porch pirates are at it year-round but you never see it hyped throughout the year like you do during the holidays. 

Planes come and go on time with no news coverage, Planes are delayed or cancelled year-round and the media never reports it. Only during the holidays does television choose to try and horrify any of us from ever thinking about backing out of the drive way to enjoy our down time with friends and family.  Give me a break. 


Lanny Griffith is an REL graduate and media mogul. Contact him at 

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