Since when did threats of violence become a part of a state representative’s job description? Since when did it become acceptable for an elected official to use bullying and intimidation as a part of his job performance? Well, the answer to those questions became evident in the national headlines made by our very own State Rep. Briscoe Cain. 

Cain is a national embarrassment to District 128. To threaten a presidential candidate with violence is not only irresponsible and unprofessional; it’s thug behavior. 

Cain claims his Twitter statement “My AR-15 is ready for you, Robert Francis” was “just a joke.” If that’s so, then why did Twitter delete the tweet? Obviously, because it wasn’t funny.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where there are radical groups and sick individuals who can possibly take Cain’s Twitter statement as endorsement for violence against people with different perspectives or opinions. 

His Twitter statement demonstrates his lack of leadership and his eagerness to be divisive in an effort to gain national attention and votes. Much of his social media involves pettiness and unsubstantiated facts or memes designed to incite his followers. 

Let me offer some clarity to Cain. Beto O’Rourke is only one person and he is not an elected official. However, you are. So act like a respectable statesman. 

Here’s more clarity. Beto has no authority to confiscate assault weapons, no matter how many times he says it or gets applause for it. Anyone with critical thinking skills knows that it will take Congress to enact a law to confiscate weapons. And the Second Amendment still gives individuals the right to bear arms. So relax, take a deep breath, Briscoe Cain and put your AR-15 back in the gun safe. It’s still a democracy so there’s no need to act like Rambo.

With all that being said, District 128 needs to re-evaluate whether or not Cain’s decision to post a threat of violence represents our values or serves in the best interest of our community. We deserve to have an elected official who behaves in a dignified and productive manner both online and in person. In this current political environment, it’s essential for a state representative to demonstrate emotional intelligence, thought leadership and possess the maturity to not act out in a thoughtless and reckless manner. 

District 128 doesn’t need a state representative who uses his position of power or his Twitter account to intimidate or make threats of violence against a presidential candidate. That is simply wrong and unacceptable. What’s even scarier is that Briscoe Cain either doesn’t get it or he doesn’t care. Or maybe he just doesn’t possess the capability to be a statesman. I vote that it’s all three.

Regardless, it’s time to vote state Rep. Briscoe Cain out of office. Let’s do this, Baytown!

Jacqueline Whitaker 


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I am surprised that some people took some exception to Briscoe Cain's obvious reference to the old Texas motto of "Come and take it". I had the same response and using my 1st Amendment rights, I had the same response. BETO’s claim deserved such a response and those words were repeated all across the great State of Texas that day. Thank you for your well-intentioned letter. It shows an amazing push to remove our 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights. "The Bill of Rights is the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. It spells out Americans' rights in relation to their government. It guarantees civil rights and liberties to the individual—like freedom of speech, press, and religion."

Susan Cummings

Excellent letter. We do need a rep that actually does something other that rile up his base with ludicrous tweets.


I am sure Representative Cain is discouraged that someone that has always had a rabid hatred for him and would never vote for him is still going to be voting for his opponent. Fellow gun owners you should take a good look at who these people are. Jacqueline wrote a post on Briscoe's page with the following statements; "State Representative Briscoe Cain threatened a presidential Candidate with an automatic weapon". Of course anyone that actually cares to know about the issue knows an AR15 is not an automatic weapon. When this was pointed out to her that it was false she refused to acknowledge that or correct herself so that makes her a demonstrated liar. The rest of the post went back and forth between irrational and downright crazy with these following statements; "Briscoe Cain's words and thoughts on twitter are no different than a manifesto written by a mass shooter" and :I guess if you disagree with state representative Briscoe Cain then he's going to shoot and kill you" and finally one of the few things that actually make sense, "threatening to kill someone is simply wrong". I agree with that last part. Of course saying you will defend yourself if someone comes to take your property away illegally (stealing) is not what we would normally call "threatening to kill someone" it is called warning that you will defend yourself. But for someone that claims to be against death threats I am surprised she didn't mention the thousands of people that she identifies with politically that have been ACTUALLY threatening offense violent action against Briscoe and his family. I haven't seen anyone that is "so principled" that they don't care about left or right they just don't support violent threats say one word about that for some reason. Why is that? Could it be that they actually do support death threats and violence as long as it is their people doing it? Open your eyes gun owners, these are the people that want your guns and they are voting for anti American, anti gun candidates like Robert Francis.


Representative Cain is doing something the Democrats have never did. he is actually representing the voters instead of attempting to enslave them through government programs and stupid constitutionally endangering legislature. Mr. Cain has my vote in the future.

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