Powerful CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves just resigned after 12 women accused him of sexual misconduct and harming their careers. Moonves was forced out almost immediately by concerned ethical leadership within his organization.

The same punishment dropped when 87 women accused Harvey Weinstein, 8 accused Matt Lauer, 4 for Al Franken, and a combined 12 for Fox News celebrity Bill O’Reilly and his boss Roger Ailes.

Former reality show host Donald Trump was accused by 16 women of sexual harassment/abuse. Narcissistic Trump lied repeatedly about paying off Stormy Daniels to keep her silent...while Republican leaders sucked lemons and did nothing.

As President, hateful fear-mongering Trump was implicated in criminal Russian activity which helped to get him elected. Republican cult members did nothing.  

Toxic Trump called American media “fake news” and “the enemy of the people” as would any slimeball dictator.  Republican officials sat on their hands and did nothing.

Racist, white supremacist Trump committed treason during the Helsinki Summit by siding with Russian Dictator Putin over American intelligence findings about [Russian] interference in the presidential election.  

Treasonous Trump even ordered his son to lie about a Russian meeting after he had previously lied about having any knowledge of that meeting. Republican politicians held their noses as the corrupt Trump family’s rotten stench intensified.

Dictator Trump called the anonymous author of the article about anti-Trump resistance inside the White House a traitor. Toddler-minded Trump demanded his Attorney General should open an investigation to find the “traitor”, seemingly unaware of free speech and free press constitutional laws. Faceless, cold-blooded Republicans did nothing.

When you vote this November, remember all the corrupt, complicit cult politicians who did nothing to protect our sacred American democracy from Dangerous Donald Trump.

Alan Hudgins



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Seriously Alan, you need to change the channel. If I were you i would put the ambulance on call when they announce President Trump did not collude with the ?Russians. In fact several heads at the FBI, DOJ and CIA are about to roll, more than they have already. It's 26 and counting with charges coming. I can't wait.....


Seriously, Raymond, you are living in an alternate reality. Why can't you see that Faux and Breitbart News are playing you and your cohorts for fools? How many of Trump's campaign staff have been indicted so far for criminal activities? How many have pled guilty? Is Paul Manafort still your friend? Mueller is coming for Trump. I look forward with glee to the fairy tales you will be spinning when Mueller's report shows Trump to be the money-laundering, tax evading, Russian stooge that he is.


Mr Martin you should try listening to real news instead of fake Fox channel. Man-baby Trump is about to have his fat orange rear bitten hard by Mueller as impeachment is now imminent.


Well done, Alan. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that most Trump supporters know that Trump is an inept, egotistical, narcissistic idiot, but it doesn't matter. He is THEIR inept, egotistical, narcissistic, idiot, and that makes it OK.

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