Since I was born in 1944. I have lived under 14 presidents — seven Democrats and seven Republicans. Most of them lied, cheated, made bad decisions and promises they could never keep.

During these 75 years, I served in the military, built my own home, worked, made a good living, retired from one job, married a wonderful woman, raised a great family, believed in whom I wanted and bought what I needed and could afford, including guns. 

All this and it didn’t make a tinker’s damn who was president of the United States.

Angry, bitter, biased diatribes continuously regurgitated from regular letter writers need to be directed to their pets who will love them unconditionally.

Tonight is National Night Out and I thank God I don’t have neighbors like the two letter writers or their supports like you. And also to the editor, I think you and your reader advisory board should adopt one of Russell Hamman’s rules for membership — “Nothing Political” — in your letters to the editor section.

Instead, print something worthwhile that won’t anger half your readership like Baytown’s daily, monthly and annual rainfall.

Travis Smith


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Amen Travis, amen. We could be twins, I was born in 1944 and did exactly the same thing in life. Lovely wife, two great kids. Life has been and continues to be good. Thanks for the insight.


"Angry, bitter, biased diatribes continuously regurgitated from regular letter writers" Mr. Martin fits your constant letters/rants to a t. Do you not see that? Or is it that you don't want to see those behaviors in yourself? Give us all a break please.

Alan H

Mr Smith, our current president is far more criminal, racist, lying, delusional and reckless than any other president. The only other one that compares is Richard Nixon. He was exposed as very calculating and criminal, believing he was above the law by refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas. Nixon had to resign in disgrace or face certain removal by impeachment. We now have history repeating itself with Trump whose criminal behavior, lies, angry daily diatribes and insults signal a delusional, narcissistic nut of a leader. Trump is too narcissistic to resign, so there's going to be a real battle to remove him from office. And let's not forget that VP Pence may be removed also as part of Trump's crime syndicate in the White House.

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