This is a non-political public announcement for all computer users regarding strange “unknown” emails. 

If you get one of those that looks suspicious, just delete it. Please don’t open it and above all else, if you do accidentally open one of those puzzling emails “Do Not Open” any attachments or look at any attached pictures. 

The bad guys have figured out how to embed malicious code into picture jpgs and word documents etc. I’ve noticed an uptick in malicious emails in my in-box and several other email systems I am charged with monitoring. One of my charges got an email delivered to an inbox and it was addressed to (not their real name) The giveaway was it was “sent from” Did you notice that both the sender and the recipient were the same? It was from a person who said they hacked into the account and turned on the camera and photographed the recipient in compromising situations. If the recipient sent $560 this “person” would delete all the stuff he had collected and no one would be the wiser. If the money was not sent, all the embarrassing stuff would be sent to the users email address book.

Can you say blackmail? 

As long as you never open an email, the sender doesn’t know if you got it or not. Once it’s opened, the sender gets a notice that the email was opened and may have a sucker on the line. 

Don’t be a sucker; throw out/delete/purge/get rid of, all suspicious emails. How do you know if it’s a suspicious email? You really don’t but if it’s someone that really needs to talk to you, they’ll call or email or text. 

Or hey, they’ll sit down and write a letter and send it via “snail-mail. Yeah, I know, “What’s a letter?”

Robert Pickering

Beach City

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