At every opportunity since being elected Harris County Judge, Lina Hidalgo has shown that she is not up to the task. Her decision to waste $60 million tax dollars for a temporary hospital was not supported by facts. Harris County has not been a hot spot for COVID-19 cases and the hospitals have not been close to being overwhelmed with patients.The temporary hospital sits idle with not a single patient seeing the insides. She did it because it means nothing to her to waste millions in federal dollars”just to be on the safe side.” But her mandate that Harris County residents wear masks in public has to be the final straw of over reach. 

Besides the fact that Harris County is not experiencing an abnormal high spike in cases, there are many residents that simply don’t have masks and can’t obtain one. Just weeks ago we were told masks were not needed. I would support a drive to recall Lina Hidalgo based on her lack of experience to make sound and good judgments to serve and protect the residents of Harris County.

Larry Tidwell


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Larry what happened is democratic activist clown judge L. Hidalgo found out senile Biden is going to pick a woman for his running mate and Lina is competing with goofball governor Gretchen Whitmer by acting a fool hoping Biden (the womanizer) will recognize them by making headlines...


I am very disappointed in Judge Hidalgo. I do not understand how someone so young and inexperienced was elected to such a critical position. She has no understanding as to how this county should be run, she does not understand her constituents, but worse she does not understand what it means to American. Judge Hidalgo is not the person to be any county judge, anywhere in the USA. She is harming this county and its people, she needs to be removed. I will be an active part of that movement if your paper will publish the information. Please let us remove Judge Hidalgo immediately.


Simply haters who can’t get over losing. Wish you would be more concerned about the man in the White House who has wasted trillions on tax cuts for the rich. A joke to the rest of the world. That hospital was constructed to serve and care for the citizens of Harris County. She wanted to be sure facilities were in place if needed. Wish Trump had considered her approach. 50, ooo+ dead. You will be the first person’s complaining for her taking it down if we have a surge because you refused to wear a mask. We’re not out of the woods yet. Baytown has had a spike on the virus for the last 10 days. Stay home, be safe and wear a mask!

Alan H

Exactly what has Judge Hidalgo done that warrants recall? She constructed a temporary hospital to house patients who get sick from coronovirus as per government guidelines. She instructed everyone to wear masks as per CDC guidelines. And you're angry about an official who is trying to save lives? Surprisingly neither of you is angry about the government dodo who instructed all Americans to inject or swallow bleach to kill the virus. And I don't hear any complaints about the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted each year to haul our lazy president to Florida every weekend to play golf. We are dealing with a killer virus for God's sake. Be thankful Judge Hildago has the smarts to protect us.


I will work on her recall. She's a Bogota refugee who's got a liberal (and probably free) Stanford Poli-Sci degree who never even attended a county meeting when she took the gavel and had to be tutored. The only reason she won is the same reason the Dems have the House - Republicans failed to show up to vote in 2018. Yes, unlike the normal Democrat cheating, she did win without it. But she's a joke and now we find she's a tyrannical dictator. Long after Governor Abbott opens the state, she'll keep her jackboot on our necks. Since I live in Cypress, I'll be doing all of my shopping in Conroe - Montgomery County - where THEIR County Judge know that the face mask order is a step too far and an invasion of our freedoms! No county sales tax for Harris County!!!


Texconsin you are exactly right. The voters got a complete democratic turnover in the judgeship. They should be proud, with low or no bail and the release of criminals some of which committed new crimes shortly after release. Ogg and Hidalgo are an embarrassment for the hard working police departments both city and county.

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