If you are buying the preposterous notion all the Democrats are pushing that white people in general are racist, you are looking for reasons to believe something that is fake news.

The quicker you realize the main stream politically correct crowd is doing everything it can to divide Americans, the quicker you will see this for what it is — fake.

Mainstream white America is not trying to encourage this line of thought being pushed by every Democratic contender. For every white racist, there is a brown, black, red, and yellow counterpart somewhere.

The hopefuls have dropped all vestige of Putin, Russia, tax returns, collusion and have agreed to run under the very racist banner of hate-filled racist finger-pointing, when they are fomenting racism every time they bring up the unnecessary and destructive term. It is as if they held a meeting and all focused on calling anything the Trump administration does, as being racially destructive and that is so ridiculously stupid, only a blinded person would ignore it.

Make America great again means we quit giving stuff away to our own economic destruction, not returning America to a state where white people own black people. How preposterous. Yet the Democratic leaders have adopted this strategy as if we are too stupid to figure it out. Well, they have 50% of the population thinking this twisted logic, so is there hope for our country? You tell me, cause I am not sure.

Bert Marshall



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That is a really negative post, Bert. What happened to your pollyanna philosophy?

I agree that racism comes in all colors, but the big difference seems to be that white racists commit mass murders. You are the one who is blind if you deny that Trump's demagoguery against hispanics has not contributed to the hate and divisiveness in this country. You know that I am right when I say that every KKK member will vote for Trump in 2020.

I wish that racism was not an issue in this election, but El Paso shows that it is. To me Trump's incessant lying is by far the most important issue. Maybe you can explain to me why 11,000 lies does not bother you. You mentioned his tax returns. How do you defend Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns? You also mentioned Putin. How do you defend Trump denying Russian interference in the 2016 election and taking Putin’s word over the opinion of the country’s intelligence services? While you are at it, defend Trump’s 10 acts of obstruction of justice listed in the Mueller Report.

I can understand conservative viewpoints, but it is hard for me to comprehend how you could choose Trump over other Republican possibilities who were competent, well spoken, intelligent, and honest – all qualities missing from Trump’s resume. The theories that make sense to me are rather negative so I will spare you from those thoughts since you object to negativity (unless it comes from your pen).

Alan H

You say that Make America great again means we quit giving stuff away to our own economic destruction. Trump's tax scam gave billions of our tax money to the mega rich and corporations which has resulted in the largest budget deficit since 2012. And nobody said all whites are racist as your twisted article reads. What they said was all white supremacists are racist. In fact, MAGA has become a white supremacist dog whistle and MAGA hats are their hoods.

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