After reading that the City of Baytown was going to build a new pavilion Park, I thought awesome.

Though I no longer live in Baytown, I had a couple of great birthday parties at that pavilion as a child.

A 3,400 square foot open concept building, with a small kitchen, and an outdoor grill area sounds great.

The more I read, the more in disbelief I was.

The new pavilion and a new parking area for $750,000. No, that money is just for the plans, no site work or construction.

I know people that have a really nice home this size, with five bedrooms, living area, kitchen, three bathrooms, three-car garage and a pool that cost less than that for plans, construction and landscaping.

I’m all for a new pavilion, but something just doesn’t add up here. How on earth can plans alone for this simple structure and parking area cost $750,000?

Randy Shirley

Beach City

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The $750k covers the design, structure itself, and necessary land improvement. Previous reports that the amount was for design alone were inaccurate.

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