Now that it’s been shown that the barge owners do not know how to keep barges from breaking loose and hitting the bridge, I find it amazing that barges are still tied up on the north side of the bridge. Since this is a major artery of commerce in the southern U.S., it would appear to me that this one source of potential damage should be removed.

Anyone who lives around here knows that we can definitely predict this river will have high currents again. Yes, this is like closing the door once the mules get out, but at least this won’t be the cause in the future.

I have no idea who is in charge of allowing these barges to be tied north of the bridge, but its time that the public good is considered.

If this is allowed to continue, then a new bridge that can’t be damaged by loose barges or errant tows should be built along with an appropriate intersection that doesn’t tie up traffic every afternoon when the traffic is heaviest.

Frank McKay Jr.


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