Notice - to everyone in and around Baytown. We have been presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity to impact our community in an amazing and dramatic way by securing the berthing of the USS Texas Battleship in Baytown at Bayland Island. Can we really accomplish this? You’re darn right we can, and we will!! How? With a community wide effort that includes the participation of each and every one of us, our businesses and organizations – large and small, our City Council and City staff, and our surrounding communities and their leaders.  

Background – the USS Texas will be leaving its berth at the San Jacinto Battleground soon and will journey off to be repaired. When that is completed it will return to Texas to reside in a new home for the rest of its existence. The Battleship Texas Foundation, that will oversee, manage and maintain her, will decide the ship’s new home. They will be sending out an RFP (Request for Proposal) to interested cities to bid. A group of citizens, led by Jay Eshbach, along with the City Council and staff and others, have begun the process of putting together all the information that will likely be required in the bid document. 

Our Job - will be to support this in every way we can. Part of that support will include making monetary pledges to the Battleship Foundation, a 501(c) 3, that they will use in evaluating not only our emotional and verbal support but our monetary commitment. We will be, and currently are, asking for written pledges, large and small, that will go into the RFP response. These donations will be strictly used by the Foundation for the ongoing maintenance of the ship. To make your pledge, please go to to access the form. No amount is too small!

Success – will be achieved in two phases – Phase One will be when we win the bid. Phase Two will be when the ship is berthed at Bayland Island and the thousands of visitors begin making their visits to not only the ship but the museum and gift shop and historical displays that will also be there.

So, I repeat, this can be done, and this will be done, with your support.

Mike Wilson


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