Watching Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia grill Housing Secretary Ben Carson on C-Span makes me ashamed hat she represents the same area where I live. 

She’s having a meltdown because Carson dares to allocate tax dollars for housing to be used first for legal residents in need over those who are here illegally. 

Sylvia Garcia and the rest of the Democratic Party have done nothing but encourage more illegals to enter and they bear the sole responsibility for the deaths and injuries that occur along the border. It’s one thing for them to ignore the cost that we incur from being overrun by illegals entrants, but it’s an insult to see them hamper any attempt by Republicans to change what is happening now.      

Larry Tidwell



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So true Larry. JFK is spinning in his grave the way the Democratic party was in the past compared to now. Really sad....


I would love to see the Democratic party in general offer solutions and work toward making this country everything it can be. It would sure beat 99% of their effort at discrediting Trump as far as voters are concerned. The party in general has no solutions, and no answers except stop Trump on every level. I would never vote for these people under any circumstance..

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