Cain should resign

State Rep. Briscoe Cain should resign. Threatening a candidate for President of the United States is a federal offense which could result in five years in prison, loss of gun ownership rights, and loss of his license to practice law. What kind of an immature idiot would do something like that? As an elected official Cain has the title of “the Honorable.” There is nothing honorable about making threats to anyone especially as an elected official and toward another candidate.

If Cain can’t act like an adult then he should resign and let the grown ups run for office.

John R. Cobarruvias


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Someone like you John? This is another example of the looney left trying to create a news story. Like Hillary said "This is a nothing burger"... Come and get it Beto. How bout them apples?


Freedom of speech be damned, eh? I don't think so. INTOLERANCE DEFINES YOUR REACTION. I side with Texas and Briscoe on this one. If this wannabe politician want's to take my guns, I will repeat the old Texas motto, JUST LIKE BRISCOE DID. I don't see Democrats lining up handing in guns either. Briscoe for a second term... No, how about Congress?

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