Students of 20th century history should recognize the political power and effectiveness of projecting white people as the victims of lesser racial and ethnic groups. This was the great force which between the two world wars led to the rise of fascism in Europe.

That fascism was not, however, confined to Europe. It found fertile ground here, where racism was the historical public policy position. During this same period of U.S. history we witnessed the proliferation of monuments celebrating the Confederacy, the rebirth of the KKK, and a general fascination with the glories of Nazi Germany. The idea of an Aryan super race, under siege and defiled by mongrel others was bread and butter Nazi propaganda, and it played quite well to large American audiences.

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Alan H

The same thing applies to Disinfectant Donnie Trump. Why are evangelical so-called "Christians" supporting a pretend president who never goes to church, is overtly racist, insults and fires anyone who disagrees with him, consistently ignores all 10 commandments, never asks God for mercy cause he doesn't sin and he lies every time his lips are moving? Why are churches being silent when even Trump's relatives call him dangerous and incompetent?

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