So you and your wife have retired. Her with a teacher’s pension and you have worked hard (sometimes two jobs) to get your kids through school and save a bit in a 401K. (not 6 figures but you did o.k.) And hey if the government doesn’t use it all up buying votes with your social security it will make you comfortable. 

Time to celebrate with a 2 week cruise. When you get back you find a family has moved into your spare bedrooms. Your not using them. They need to find a place of their own (they think they have). Now you end up in court to get this resolved (ninetieth circuit of course). 

The judge tells you that they need to stay somewhere and you are not using the rooms. Plus they have more family coming so you need to add a bathroom and look into taking in the garage (after all you have that money in your 401). 

And by the way you need to upgrade your cable (they speak little English and no Spanish). Also they will need to use your car and truck for transportation. You can drive the 56 Nomad you have been restoring (unless they need the room). Then you can use the truck. This scenario worries me.


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