Tom Kinkaid’s recent letter provided a preview of Trump’s 2020 campaign strategy: hate plus fear equals votes. The idea is to energize his racist base with talk of a Hispanic “invasion,” and use the word “socialist” as a dog whistle to create fear among people who have no idea what socialism is about.

Since Mr. Kinkaid is so opposed to “socialism,” I wonder if, as a matter of principle, he plans to renounce his medicare and Social Security benefits. Those programs are absolutely socialistic and critical to the welfare of our society. Some programs work best when run by the government. Fire departments, police, and the military are a few examples of services that don’t lend themselves to competition among private enterprises. As I stated in a previous letter, every government on this earth has socialistic programs. Programs should be evaluated based on their benefits to society and not automatically dismissed when Republicans blow their ‘socialism’ dog whistle.

Mr. Kincaid echoes Trump’s vilification of Hispanic immigrants. Trump’s rhetoric encourages racist hate and violence (see El Paso), and Mr. Kincaid cheers him on. Democrats do not want open borders. Democrats want a comprehensive immigration plan that provides a path to citizenship for the dreamers, a reasonably accessible guest worker program, and border security that does not involve cruelty. Long term, I like the idea of a “Marshall Plan” directed at the Central American countries to remove the incentive for their citizens to leave. Hispanics are the hardest workers around. We need them and we should appreciate them, not vilify them. I wonder if Mr. Kincaid calls ICE when a contractor shows up with Hispanic employees to do work in his neighborhood. I also wonder if Kincaid would continue to advocate “any means necessary” to stop the Hispanic “invasion” if he had to personally look a mother in the eye as he took away her child.

Frank Butcher


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Frank, you represent a small percentage of people who actually read and study the issues for themselves before spouting unearned support based on unfounded facts. I applaud your letter hope it encourages more people to study facts and not rely on someone to do the thinking for them.


Thank you. I'm glad to know that someone else is paying attention and not just accepting Trump's lies and the BS coming from his toadies.

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