Does anyone remember the Democratic women senators and congressional women who told us we need to believe Christine Blasey-Ford when she accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault even though she couldn’t remember when, where or who was there? These women demanded an investigation and we were told we need to believe when these women come forward. Fast forward to Tara Reade accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault with complaints filed to various agencies with explicit details when, where and what happened and eventually was fired. And now where are women lawmakers K. Harris, A. Klobuchar, K. Gillibrand, M. Hirono, E. Warren, D. Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi? These women have a big decision to make every day when they put on their makeup as to which face to apply it to.             

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Says the person who is willing to sweep under the rug the accusations of 12 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault. The same guy that said "grab 'em by the". The same guy who paid off a porn star. I don't know if Biden assaulted that lady. She deserves to be heard and taken seriously. However, you and Trump should remember the old saying, "don't throw stones in a glass house". Do you think Trump assaulted those 12 women? Yes, no, or maybe?


Hey N/L no ever accused Trump of sexual assault.. Big, big difference....


Only in your mind, N/A.


Hey N/L with all your research skills show me where Trump was accused of sexual assault.. Keeping up with Flynn frankie? How does that Russian collusion look now? You reading all the transcripts where scumbag Obama's people were quoted as saying they never saw any collusion with any of the Trump people late into 2018? It's amazing N/L how you have been wrong at ever turn and you still spout the DNC talking points. Can't wait for the Durham report. Going to name names and it goes back to scumbag Obama.....


Hey N/L, I stand corrected. David Bloom sent me a list of Trump sexual assault complaints. Trump has been an old hound dog.... I'm still going to vote for him just as you did with bubba Clinton....

Alan H

Mr N/A Martin, it's beyond stupidity that you had no idea Trump was accused of assaulting numerous women years ago. A 3 year old could easily find that on the internet but somebody else had to send it to you. Makes me 100% sure that none of your comments are factual, just fake news from your underground sources:, or fools.united.for.trump.

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