Eva Lunette Whitfield

Eva Lunette Whitfield, 95, of Baytown, Texas was born in Linden, Texas on December 14, 1924 and passed away on May 26, at Focus Care Facility. She was a member of the Methodist faith.

 She was preceded in death by her parents, Handy and Viola Whitfield, and by her brothers and sisters. She was the remaining of nine siblings, she never married or had kids, but she was Aunt Eva to many nieces and nephews, and was a proud four generation great Aunt. She was very loving and spoke what was on her mind, which helped since she was a woman who worked in a very male dominant world in 1953 when she joined the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable Office. She was the only woman to work in office till 1975, something she was very proud of, as was her family. She retired in 1987 to travel and watch her nieces and nephews grow up and just enjoy life.

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