Charge of prostitution filed against 64-year-old woman

One of the two women arrested at a Mont Belvieu massage business believed to be a front for prostitution was released without charges, Baytown police report, after interviews and further investigation.

Baytown police spokesman Sgt. Jason Kelly said that when Baytown and Mont Belvieu conducted an undercover investigation at the business, they were able to determine that one employee, Wen Hui Sun, a 64-year-old woman, “was offering sexual favors in exchange for money as part of her masseuse services.” BPD spokesman Sgt. Steve Dorris said she was charged with prostition. 

The other employee present at the time, also a 64-year-old woman, was released after questioning.

Kelly said detectives are still investigating the business to determine if the business owner or anyone else is involved in illegal activity.

Mont Belvieu police spokesman Brian Ligon said other tenants in the shopping center in the 9500 block of Highway 146 reported suspicious activity at the business. Mont Belvieu police confirmed activity at the location at all hours of the night and asked for assistance from the Baytown police Special Operations Unit.

Kelly said that after Mont Belvieu police contacted BPD earlier this week, detectives from the Special Operations Unit worked alongside Mont Belvieu officers to investigate the business, leading to the arrest.

Ligon said the arrest, along with code violations discovered at the business, allowed the city to revoke the business’s Certificate of Occupancy, shutting it down.

Kelly said, “Establishments such as these create a major quality of life concern for our communities, therefore we will not only vigorously pursue them in the City of Baytown, we will also partner with our neighbors as in this case.”

Mont Belvieu Police Chief Virgil Blasdel said this raid was unique in his experience. “I’ve been in law enforcement in Mont Belvieu since 1984. This is the first time we have encountered and shut down a business of this type within the city.”

About three weeks ago, Baytown police assisted the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office in raiding a gambling establishment in the 8200 block of North Highway 146. While that business had a Baytown address, it was located just outside the city limits in unincorporated Chambers County.

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