Walmart makes $24K donation to district

Walmart made a generous donation of $24,496.83 for school supplies to the Goose Creek CISD Foundation. 

The supplies include 107,784 Topper erasers, 2,856 pencils, 24 Xpanz zip binders, 36 white binders and 108 scissors. The supplies were donated to the Foundation at its All-Star Gala Sept. 14. 

Coordinator honored 

Stephanie Myers, Goose Creek CISD coordinator of benefits, was honored by the district’s Human Resource Department for her “passionate leadership in providing health care options for the valued employees of Goose Creek CISD.”

Goose Creek Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Melissa Duarte said Myers had invested countless hours in “establishing and sustaining a strong partnership with Next Level Urgent Care,” which she said will provide a great benefit for the employees of Goose Creek CISD.

“Mrs. Stephanie Myers is a GIANT alumnus of Sterling High School who genuinely cares for the Goose Creek school community,” Duarte said. 

‘Grow Your Own’ grant application approved 

The Goose Creek CISD board approved an application for the Grow Your Grant program. 

The program helps elevate the teaching profession in Texas by developing high-quality education and training courses at the high school level. It also creates grant-funded teacher pipelines to increase the pool and diversity of Texas’s future classroom leaders. It places emphasis on small and rural school districts, the program addresses challenges the state faces in terms of recruiting and retaining teacher candidates in hard-to-staff areas. 

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