The Mont Belvieu City Council breezed through a brief agenda Monday night, with most items routine or approving new steps in ongoing projects.

The item likely to have the most immediate affect on Mont Belvieu residents was the approval of a design contract for a Fire Department Substation that will be near the intersection of Perry Avenue and the future FM 1409—near where the current dead-end of Perry Avenue is.

FM 1409 now ends at FM 565, put will be extended to cross Interstate 10. City Manager Nathan Watkins said the new station will help improve response times to calls along Interstate 10.

City spokesman Brian Ligon said the city already staffs two ambulances 24-hours and one will be moved to the new location. There will also be a fire truck located at the station.

The contract approved Monday was with BRW Architects in the amount of $300,000 for design and construction phase services, Ligon said, which is within budget.

The total project is expected to cost $3.1 million, with completion expected in October 2021.

Council briefs

• The council approved design work for entryway signage for Eagle Drive at Interstate 10. The project will greet people as the enter the city from the redesigned highway interchange.

The contract went to M2L Associates, a Houston company that designs public facilities and landscaping.

• The council approved expanding the Parks Maintenance Building.

• The council approved a contract with HDR Engineering for design work on the Hackberry Gully Regional Detention Pond. This contract includes only design for the pond, but not the future park.

• The council approved the purchase of computer software that will improve monitoring of the city’s water system as well as help predict future needs.

• The council renewed agreements with Chambers County to provide fire and EMS service to some of the areas surrounding Mont Belvieu.

• The council renewed an agreement under which Chambers County provides inspections for food service establishments within the city.

• The council approved a new well permit and a freshwater pipeline permit for Targa Resources.

• Two items were tabled—a natural gas pipeline permit for Enterprise and an agreement with Chambers County for onsite sewage.


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