Judge releases Greenpeace protesters without bail

First responders worked feverishly to pull up - and in some cases help lower to boats in the Houston Ship Channel – Greenpeace protesters who rappelled off of the Fred Hartman Bridge Thursday. Many first responders stepped up to help including the Baytown police and fire departments. 

The Greenpeace protesters who dangled from the Fred Hartman bridge, causing part of the Houston Ship Channel to close, were free to walk out of federal court thanks to having been granted a Personal Recognizance bond.

Four of the protesters were in the 174th Criminal Court Friday with Judge Hazel B. Jones presiding. They were released on the PR bond after facing a state felony charge of impairing or interrupting the operations of critical infrastructure. A PR bond essentially means the protesters were not required to have any money to be released from custody, but do have to agree to appear at a future court date. 

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That's exactly why these looney protesters continue their insane activities, that being liberal judges who let them skate.. Too bad the poly propylene rope (made from oil) that they used for the suspension didn't fail.....


Am I the only one that thinks the Sheriff was derelict in his duty to keep a heavily traveled road open or twiddling his thumbs while these out of state loons protested? Not hard to see that Gonzalez is sympathetic to the cause of the protesters. Appears the judges that let these protesters out on a PR bond are also sympathizers.


Once again a bleeding heart judge give people who broke the law and cost the port $100 million dollars AN HOUR a slap on the wrist or in this case NOTHING. It's outrageous!

Sam Compton

Remember this on Election Day.

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