Protesters march to Congressman Babin’s office

rotesters gathered outside of Congressman Brian Babin’s Deer Park office Saturday to express their distaste for President Trump’s policies on immigration, specifically about families being separated when they cross into the U.S. borders. 

The protest, sponsored by Christians for Immigrant Families, began at the Deer Park Municipal Court Building and then proceeded to Babin’s office in Deer Park. It was a part of the Families Belong Together national day of action to protest the current administration’s policy of forcibly separating children from their parents, the detention of families, and what they felt is the failure to reunite thousands of children with their parents. More than 710 similar events were scheduled nationwide. 

The Babin protesters said they wanted a public statement from him reversing his previous support “for a policy that causes families to be separated.” They also demanded Babin work with other elected representatives across party lines toward a permanent, humane resolution that permanently stops the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border and reunites them immediately. 

Babin issued a statement on the protests.

“From the beginning, I have supported legislation and executive action to keep these families together as we expeditiously process their individual cases and situations,” Babin said. “As to those who were affected before the signing of the Executive Order, we know that hundreds of these children have already been reunited with their parents, and that the reason many others have not is because the parents are either unwilling or not suitable (on suspicion of abuse or neglect) to regain custody of these children.”

Babin also said he respects every American’s right to protest.

“But the best way to actually solve this issue is for migrant families to stop making this extraordinarily dangerous voyage from Central and South America to illegally cross our border from the war-torn, lawless regions of northern Mexico,” Babin said. “The only way to make that happen is for Congress to act and finally secure our southern border.”

Babin said people elected President Trump and a Republican Congress to “secure the border.”

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