Goose Creek

The Goose Creek CISD board has approved its annual District and Campus Improvement Plans along with a Targeted Improvement Plan, which focuses on five campuses that were identified as being in need of upgrading.

The campuses were determined to require improvement after receiving a D in one of the Texas Education Agency’s A-F accountability grading system’s domains but have an overall rating of a C or higher. As a result, the district developed a Targeted Improvement Plan for each of the five schools. 

The five schools are San Jacinto Elementary, De Zavala Elementary, Ashbel Smith Elementary, Highlands Elementary and Hopper Primary. The domains are Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing the Gaps. Each domain is identified as I, II, and III, respectively. 

“These STAAR Action Plans address campus strengths as well as campus growth areas, and ‘smart goals’ have been set,” said Susan Passmore, district spokeswoman. “Each goal includes specific key practices to achieve the goal and ways to monitor each practice.”

The board voted on the District and campus Improvements Plans with a 4-0 vote and then approved the Targeted Improvement Plan separately. It also passed with a 4-0 vote. Trustees Shae Cottar, Tiffany Guy and Howard Sampson were absent. 

Passmore said there would not be any need to adjust the school’s budget for the plans. 

“The plans are part of the budgeting for State Compensatory Education,” Passmore said. 

Goose Creek Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Melissa Duarte first hosted a public hearing for the five-campus plan. No one signed up to speak. 

“With all of the changes we’ve experienced with accountability and the Texas Education Code, we are required to develop improvement plans approved by the board for campuses that received a D in a domain, but have a rating overall rating of C or higher,” Duarte said. 

Duarte explained San Jacinto Elementary received an overall B score from the TEA, but in Domain I, it earned a 67, which is a D. In 2018, the campus earned an overall grade of 60 and a 67 this year. 

“So, this campus is continuing to see progress,” Duarte said. 

Ashbel Smith Elementary earned a D in Student Achievement and School Progress. Duarte said the school’s Student Achievement went up from a 64 to a 69 from 2018 to this year. For School Progress, it stayed at 67. 

“Both campuses very close to getting to a C score,” Duarte said. 

Ashbel Smith Elementary had an overall rating of a C according to the TEA’s rating system. 

Duarte said two campuses - De Zalava Elementary and Highlands Elementary – were rated a D overall. 

“If campuses were rated a D overall we are also required to develop a plan, and have it approved by the board,” Duarte said. 

De Zalava Elementary had an overall score of a 62, the same score it had in 2018, while Highlands Elementary had a score of 70 in 2018 and then dropped to a 68 this year.

“And it is not just Highlands Elementary, but also Hopper Primary because they do not have any tests or grade levels are paired with Highlands,” Duarte said. “So, whatever score Highlands receives, Hopper receives it as well.”

Since the board approved the Targeted Improvement Plans, its implementation will start immediately, Passmore said.  

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