No action was taken on a developer’s request to remove a north-south roadway from Baytown planning documents after a discussion at Monday night’s council meeting, though council members seemed inclined to want the road to stay while being flexible on exact alignment.

Charles H. Cox, owner of the property, plans to develop about 114 acres into a neighborhood of single-family homes built by D.R. Horton. The property, while outside the city limits, is within Baytown’s extraterritorial jurisdiction and is subject to some of the city’s planning regulations.

The property is an irregularly shaped plot that fronts East Wallisville Road about halfway between John Martin Road and Wade Road and fronts John Martin Road at and just north of the Battlebell Road intersection. Part of it continues south of Battlebell but is not near other roads.

The city’s Major Thoroughfare Plan calls for eventually building a north-south collector road about midway between John Martin and Wade that would carry traffic southward from Wallisville to Battlebell and then south to the Interstate 10 westbound service road. 

The mapped route of that road splits the property under consideration.

Cox asked for the planned route to be removed from the plan to avoid having it go through the new development. 

Former council member Ronnie Anderson, speaking for Cox, said the size of the new neighborhood did not require a collector road and that the existing roads are adequate.

Collector roads are designed to channel traffic from neighborhoods to major thoroughfares. Planning Director Tiffany Foster said the thoroughfare plan generally calls for collector roads being spaced a quarter-mile to a half-mile apart.

John Martin and Wade are about a mile apart.

Several council members pointed to existing congestion on John Martin Road as evidence that a new collector road is needed, but were willing to see the proposed new road realigned to skirt the western edge of the proposed development rather than cutting through it.

In the end the council suspended action on the item and asked staff and the developer to work together to consider a road alignment that would shift the road’s alignment, but not eliminate it.

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