Water Resources Manager of the Year

Baytown Public Works Director Frank Simoneaux with Assistant Public Works Director Mark LeBlac.

Assistant Director of Public Works Mark LeBlanc was honored as the Texas Public Works Association’s Professional Water Resources Manager of the Year. 

The Baytown City Council paid tribute to him as well at its June 13 meeting. 

Frank Simoneaux, Baytown director of public works, provided some highlights from LeBlanc’s nomination for the recognition. 

“He has been water resource professional for 37 years, and spent a majority of his career with Baytown,” Simoneaux said.

 “During his tenure, he has worked to improve the professionalism and capability of the organization. His career is characterized by unselfish service and innovation.”

Simoneaux said LeBlanc’s accomplishments include spending his own personal time helping employees in need, starting a sanitary overflow initiative to relieve overflows in Baytown, beginning the backflow prevention program to protect water system, helping to plan and develop the surface water treatment plant to provide a drinking water resource for Baytown, developing the first water conservation and drought contingency plan for Baytown, and providing strong leadership after three natural disasters including Hurricane Harvey, Ike and Alicia.

Simoneaux said LeBlanc has displayed unselfishness and concern for others.

“He treats employees like family,” he said. “He is among the best of unsung heroes of public works. He is the best example of a public servant.”


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