A new study by the Episcopal Health Foundation shows the life expectancy in Baytown has an average of 76.4 years.

The life expectancy ages range from low in the northern part of the city to longer in the southern parts. For those that live above Interstate-10, the study shows the life expectancy is about 72 years. However, the further south you go in Baytown, closer to the bay, the life expectancy rises up to 80 years. 

In Chambers County, the life expectancy ages range from 73.8 in the north part of the county to 82.1 in the county’s southern portion. Around Mont Belvieu, the life expectancy is 77.4 years, according to the analysis. 

The Foundation took into account factors such as the quality of life within the state. This encompasses income, housing, community and education levels. 

The analysis, which was conducted for the entire State of Texas, showed the median life expectancy in Texas is 77.8 years. It also showed an 11-year gap in the life expectancy between neighborhoods in the lower 5%, which was 72.1 years, and the top 5%, which resulted in 83.3 years. The overall gap between the top 1% of Texas neighborhoods and the bottom 1% was almost 17 years. 

Brian Sasser, the Foundation’s chief communications officer, described the study as having items outside of the usual factors such as housing, race, and transportation that make up the life expectancy ranges. 

“Our point was to show the stark differences between neighborhood to neighborhood and life expectancy,” Sasser said. “And many times, within the same county or in the same community, to show that there’s all those things that happen outside the doctor’s office that affect a person’s health. And it’s vividly displayed here.”

The study’s life-expectancy estimates are based on National Center for Health Statistics for 4,700 census tracts across Texas, using six years of mortality and population data.

To see the map, visit and click on the “New Map” orange bar. 

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