The Texas Department of Transportation postponed a project at Highway 146 and Alexander to avoid adding to traffic woes caused by the ongoing Interstate 10 San Jacinto Bridge repairs. 

The Baytown Police Department and City of Baytown management had a series of meetings with the transportation agency to mitigate the impact of the project, which would have closed all of the main lanes at the 146 overpass at Alexander Dr. until January. 

Lt. Steve Dorris, Baytown police spokesman, said traffic from the partially opened Interstate 10 San Jacinto Bridge along with a closed portion of 146 would greatly impact mobility within the city.  

As a result of the meetings, the project was postponed until February. 

“After all the conversations that were had and second thoughts on it (TxDOT) decided to postpone the project,” Dorris said. “The hope is that they complete the I-10 bridge repair before they start (the 146 project).”  

The major bridge repair to the overpass at 146 and Alexander Dr. will require closure of all main lanes that would divert southbound and northbound traffic to the feeder road. Work is slated to occur on top and underneath the bridge. 

But the project will not start until February as the transportation agency continues to work on the Interstate 10 San Jacinto Bridge that was struck by nine barges last month.    

The Texas Department of Transportation anticipates repairs to be completed in the first quarter of 2020. 

Since the incident, evaluations have been ongoing as the transportation agency prepares design plans for permanent repairs. 

The hope is to let a contract later this month. Once the contractor is chosen and can secure materials, they will begin repair work to the San Jacinto Bridge.  

Repairs are estimated to take three months. 

When the barges broke free during Tropical Storm Imelda, two pillars on the west side bridge took the brunt of the damage as two barges became stuck under the bridge. 

This is the second time this year the San Jacinto Bridge has been struck by a barge. Last February the westbound side of I-10 closed after a barge strike, which took about three months to repair. 

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