Gina Guillory, the city’s interim finance director, gave a quarterly finance and investment report to council saying the first quarter sales tax is doing well.

“We are trending in the right direction,” Guillory said. “We will see how that continues as we go to the next quarter.”

Guillory said in relation to the city’s revenues, the general fund is also strong.

“We are already at 62%,” she said. “At this point, we should be at about 25%, but we are at 62% because IDA payment came in properly taxed early on. So we are faring well in that area.”

Guillory said the aquatics have yet to open.

“So, we will see in the future what will happen with this,” she said. 

Guillory said the hotel/motel is already at 31%. 

“Again, they may be impacted as a while, but right now, it has been solid,” she said.

Guillory added water/sewer is on track for being on budget at 27%. 

“The water sales are still doing well, and I am proud to announce our sanitation fund also is on target,” she said. “We are whole on sanitation. We are at 25% and doing well.” 

Guillory said the city is doing equally as well on expenditures. She said the general fund is at about 25%, while aquatics is at 20%.

“But there are some things we have not pursued,” Guillory said. “We are doing some maintenance, pressure washing, and such to get ready, so some spending has already taken place.”

Guillory said for hotel/motel, not much has been expended, so it is less than 5% on the city’s expenditures.

“Water/sewer is trending, and we are at 25%, which is where we should be,” Guillory said. “We already purchased some tractors, dump trucks, utility trucks, and we made some capital purchases, but we are still within budget and on track.”

Sanitation is at 22%, Guillory said. 

“As far as our investment portfolio, we are still performing well and continuing to be diversified and have already fully investment through FY20,” Guillory said. 

April is ‘Complete Census Month’ 

Baytown council issued a proclamation saying April is to be known as Complete Census Month in support of the 2020 Census. 

Census data provides information for federal funding for hundreds of programs such as school lunches, highway construction and education. The Census information also helps many make critical decisions. In addition, Census results show what communities have the most need. 

Programs such as Medicaid, Head Start, block grants for community mental health services, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefit from Census data as well.  

City seeks grant for Market plan 

Council has signed off on allowing City Manager Rick Davis to submit a grant application to the Houston-Galveston Area Council for the Market Street Corridor Study Implementation.

If the city receives funds through the grant, plans call for the purchase and installation of 15 decorative street lamps will move forward. This will cost $60,000. A 50% local match is required, which will be funded from the Market Corridor project fund.

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