In a move to help growth and development on Massey Tompkins, Baytown council is holding a public hearing on changing zoning designations in its 2025 Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Plan. 

Council will then consider voting to change the zoning along the road. 

The council meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall, 2401 Market Street.

Before council considers voting on the item, a public hearing has been scheduled, giving the public a chance to voice their opinions, or any concerns, on any zoning changes along Massey Tompkins. If approved, this would rezone the area from low-density medium residential to commercial. 

“These are changes in the FLUP to accommodate what the (Planning and Zoning Commission) and staff have seen as the natural and almost organic migration of development along Massey Tompkins,” said City Manager Rick Davis. 

The P&Z had suggested city staff look into the corridor and assess current land uses along the road, according to Davis. 

This is in response to applicants who have requested properties on the road be rezoned to better promote commercial growth. 

Another public hearing on a separate agenda item concerning Massey Tompkins will follow. This public hearing is about a request to rezone one acre of land located at 3318 Massey Tompkins so it can become a Neighborhood Serving Commercial District. Norma Torres has submitted the request to rezone the property so she can relocate her existing furniture store, Furniture Outlet Discount, to the new location. It currently resides at 2209 W. Main St. 

“This happens to be one of the gaps in our retail offering,” Davis said. “She should do fairly well, especially if it is unique.”

All agenda items and a video posting of the meeting, which will be available sometime after the meeting, can be viewed by logging on to

Viewers can also see the meeting as it is aired live in Baytown on Comcast Channel 16 and streamed live and on demand on

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