Mont Belvieu

Council approves improvements to ease area flooding concerns

MONT BELVIEU — Mont Belvieu council have members approved a contract with Ardurra to start work on a Federal Emergency Management Agency hazard mitigation project. 

The city hopes to potentially eliminate several lift stations that were flooded during Hurricane Harvey with the construction of a deep gravity sewer system. 

The contract approved Monday night was for phase one of a three-phase project. 

Ricardo Villagrand, community development director, said phase one would cost about $2 million and would replace the damaged lift stations 3, 11 and 14 with a Sothern East-West Deep Sewer, located just north of Interstate 10, along Highway 146 and Langston Drive. To assist in the project, the city received funding from FEMA in the amount of about $514,000. 

For phase two, which would cost about $2.4 million, the city would establish a North Highway 146 sewer that would connect to the Southern East-West Depp sewer. 

The final phase would stretch the system to Perry Avenue, connecting the system at Perry Avenue and Eagle Drive along Langston Boulevard. 

“The system along Perry is about an $8 million project, but we anticipate more funding will come through Hurricane Harvey funding that we will be competing for,” Villagrand said. 

During Hurricane Harvey, the City of Mont Belvieu experienced significant flooding along bayous and drainage ditches. As a result, the city’s life stations 3, 11 and 14 were inundated with about 12-feet of floodwaters, which damaged or destroyed all of the electrical components, including emergency generators, within the lift stations. 

Once the hazard mitigation project is complete, the overall recovery plan would eliminate six of the city’s current stations, making the overall wastewater collection system significantly more resilient against future disasters. 

The City of Mont Belvieu owns and operates maintains the Cotton Bayou Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Perry Avenue. The city also maintains 19-sewer lift stations located in all parts of the city. 


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