The Goose Creek CISD board has awarded Superintendent Randal O’Brien a one-year extension on his contract. 

“The extension will take his contract to 2022,” Susan Passmore, district spokeswoman, said. 

The contract extension was awarded after an executive session at Monday night’s board meeting. 

Last year, O’Brien was given a 5% raise, making his annual salary about $246,330. 

Passmore said no raise was considered at this time. 

“Raises are considered in the summer, and contract extensions are in the winter,” Passmore said. 

Agustin Loredo III, the board’s president, explained why raises for superintendents are awarded in the summer.

“In the summer, we do the raise because by then, we know what the budget is,” Loredo said. “Most school districts operate this way. They wait because they have a better grasp of the economic outlook during that time.”

Loredo said he spoke with O’Brien, and he is comfortable with the contract extension. 

“This is so he could have more security and normalcy in what we are doing,” Loredo said. 

O’Brien had received a contract extension in 2016 and then another one two years later. The second one came after the community came to O’Brien’s defense after items about his resignation and an interim replacement were placed on the board’s agenda in August 2018. 

O’Brien was hired by the previous superintendent, Dr. Salvador Cavazos, as the deputy superintendent for administrative services in 2013. He became superintendent in 2015 after Cavazos was forced out. 

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