Baytown council approved a new tax rate Thursday night, saving Baytonians a penny more on their tax bill than they did last year. 

The new proposed tax rate is $0.81203, a little less than the current rate of $0.82203. The Maintenance and Operations rate per $100 valuation is $0.457643, and the debt rate per $100 valuation is $0.354387 until the end of the next fiscal year on Sept. 30, 2019. This totals the new rate of $0.81203, thus reducing it by $0.01. 

Baytown Director of Finance Wade Nickerson said based on an average appraisal, the lower tax rate should translate into an $11 savings on average for Baytown citizens over a year.

“There are variables like the value of the house, and some of the exemptions such as the homestead exemption or for those over 65 years of age,” Nickerson said. “It is safe to say it would be about $10 to $12.” 

Nickerson added the tax rate in Baytown over the last few years has remained steady. 

“The tax rate has $0.82203 since 2008, so within the last few years, we have not changed it at all,” Nickerson said. “Now, it will go down a penny. It is a sign some of the growth and hoping some of it is the value of properties starting to increase a bit. Also, it is the desire to try and help citizens out.” 

Council also received the effective tax rate and rollback rates, which are $0.835253 and $0.819215 per $100 valuation, respectively. 

Council accepted the appraisal rolls from both Harris and Chambers counties. Harris County appraisals rolls were certified Aug. 21. The total appraised value is $3.9 billion while the total taxable value is $3.4 billion. The total uncertified taxable value is $383,645,658. 

For Chambers County, the total certified taxable value is $184,510,973. Chambers County’s appraisal roll was certified July 20. 


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